organizational capacity-building


We believe that working with a client should always include strengthening the ability of clients and their stakeholders to use data in ways that are meaningful and useful. Through the use of collaborative and participatory data collection and analysis activities, clients, program staff, and key stakeholders step into a role as partners in evaluation rather than passive recipients of our services. We are also committed to providing facilitated opportunities throughout the project for staff to build their understanding of evaluation while working with the data that is important to them.



learning and professional development


Ms Noga has extensive teaching experience on her own as well as in tandem with colleagues in the field. She is ready to help you develop a learning experience that meets your needs. Courses, workshops, and seminars can be customized as much or as little as you wish in accordance with your learning objectives, intended audience, and budget.

We offer a number of content and timing options (half, full, or multi day) at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels for training in the following:

  • Systems thinking for evaluation practice
  • Systemic design thinking
  • Research methods and techniques
  • Program evaluation methods and techniques
  • Statistics
  • Survey design and data analysis
  • Mapping and modeling complex systems

We are more than happy to work with you to customize a training opportunity. If the topic you want doesn't fall in our wheelhouse, we'll help you find someone whose wheelhouse is just what you're looking for.

Our philosophy


We embrace systems thinking as a fundamental paradigm for understanding the world around us and the problems that our programs and clients find themselves addressing. We recognize that human organizations operate in complex environments and are, themselves, complex adaptive systems, and consider this when designing program evaluation and research projects.

We are deeply committed to the use of mixed methods designs for research and evaluation that are rigorous and systematic. Mixed methods approaches support inquiry by considering the multiple perspectives, paradigms, assumptions, and understandings that shape a program, organization, or initiative.

We emphasize the use of methods that are inclusive, culturally responsive, and culturally appropriate. If needed, we can bring in contractors to provide needed expertise or experience. Our goal is to work with you as a partner, providing expertise to help you reach your goals.


research and program evaluation


We provide customized research and evaluation services to meet clients' learning needs. We work with our clients to maximize costs, fit your schedule, and provide services and findings that are timely and useful. Our focus on mixed methods means you will have a rich set of triangulated data that includes quantitative measures of change as well as the qualitative richness that comes from interviews, focus groups, and observations.


Pathfinder Evaluation and Consulting